A concrete commitment to the world of education,

Comunità Educanti ABC

Art, Wellbeing, Citizenship

As part of the projects carried out with schools by the Enrica Amiotti Foundation , the ABC Educating Communities, pinpoint in the Arts (music, poetry, performing arts, visual arts), in Wellbeing  (nutrition, sport, self-awareness, relaxation techniques, group positive dynamics) and in Citizenship (ethical and sustainable economy, conscious consumption, ecology, active citizenship, project management for children), the tools for the promotion of psycho-physical well-being, beauty education and commitment, individual and social, for building an active community.

The Piedmontese ABC Communities were born at the end of 2019 thanks to the financial support of Fondazione CRT.

The first Educating Communities of the Enrica Amiotti Foundation were born at the end of 2018 with the

Bando nazionale “Rinascimente: Crescere Comunità Educanti”.