Vision 2021-2025

In favor of Educational Communities

The 2021-2025 vision is being finalized by our Board of Directors, with the support of the Technical-Scientific Committee set up in October 2020.

A few guidelines:

  1. Making the structuring, launching and development of Educating Communities (CE) our priority aim, which incorporates and gives new meaning to the 4 focus areas of the 2015-2020 plan, with the purpose of reaching by 2025 up to 50 CE many of which in the peripheral areas of large cities, the valleys of the Alps and the Apennines and the Italian islands. Each C.E. will be a center of competence for an activity/didactic method to be promoted as networking: in particular we are launching the WebTV dei Ragazzi, the Fab-Lab for digital craftsmanship and Didattica Verde in the agri-food and environmental supply chains.
  2. Make our contribution to the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda, in particular by promoting SDG #4 (Quality education: the key mission of our Foundation, but reformulating the objective in terms of education rather than instruction, with strong emphasis on the arts, individual and social expression and awareness), and SDG # 3 (Health and well-being), #5 (Gender equality), #11 (Sustainable cities and communities), #12 (Responsible consumption and production), #15 (Life on Earth), through #17 (Partnership for the objectives), using the EC model where schools become socio-educational pivots in partnership with associations, local authorities and the entrepreneurial fabric of the territories.
  1. Maximize our impact in terms of teachers and alumni benefiting from our training courses plus our audiovisual content and educational services for C.E.
  2. Open and develop partnerships at national (e.g. Indire) and international levels with foundations and research institutes (e.g. in France, Scandinavia, United States, India) to exchange educational contents and services and collect economic resources on projects.
  3. Enhance our communication and attractivity for individual and institutional donors, offering maximum transparency of the usage of funds and impact / feedback of final beneficiaries in schools and communities.