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Teaching is an art. And to become a teacher capable of implementing educational innovation, capable of involving and binding the student to the reality that surrounds him so that he is ready for the school of life, it takes permanent training. This is why, not only by law, it is necessary to stay updated on new training models. There is also the need to know how to respond to the needs of pupils, who change at such a speed that it takes us to retrain to keep up with the times.

“We all know that ‘good school’
they do it alone and only
the good teachers
Nuccio Ordine

The Amiotti Foundation, in collaboration with Scuola Oltre,   accredited by Miur and faithful to the belief that the teaching staff is the real engine of educational innovation in the School, presents itself as an interesting and complete  alternative to choose when thinking about how to keep up to date.

For each training course, a 20 h certificate of participation is issued as Fondazione Amiotti is recognized by the MIUR for the training of school staff – Directive No. 170/2016 (R.A. No. 5551 of 10/14/2017). All our courses, carried out in collaboration with the Scuola Oltre Association, are accredited by the Ministry of Education MIUR and therefore can be purchased with the Teacher Card bonus.