Scientific Committee

It is the technical consultancy body of the Board of Directors with advisory and support functions for teaching, research and development activities.

In the meeting held by the Board of Directors on July 10th 2020, the new Technical-Scientific Committee was appointed, composed as follows:

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Walter Ginevri

Engineer and expert in the design language.
Creator of the methodology "Project from the Future"
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Franco Lorenzoni

Ex-teacher, Author, President Associazione Cenci Casa Lab,
Ex member Scientific Committee MIUR
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Elisabetta Mughini

Head of Sector for INDIRE – Educative Avant-garde
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Emilio Padoa Schioppa

Professor of Ecology Bicocca University MI
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Maria Grazia Riva

Vice-Rector Bicocca University MI
– President Conferenza Universitaria Naz. Scienze della Formazione (CUNSF)
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Lorella Romano

Ex-teacher, Head Master
– IOC Città Sant’Angelo (PE)
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Andrea Gavosto

Director of the Agnelli Foundation