What it is and what it does


A school for all and for all talents or expressive languages

Rinascimente is a new school project, born in 2014 in Italy.  With a strong international vocation, promoted by the Enrica Amiotti Foundation, since 1970 at the service of teachers and students of Italian state Schools. Rinascimente develops, integrates and disseminates the experience of excellent teachers and school managers from state schools,  promoters of a “teaching by doing”approach, richer in laboratory, participatory and inclusive methods. Active protagonists of the learning process and personal growth of this project, the children and teenagers are between 4 and 16 years old.  This new school model also promotes listening and emotional education, and contributes to the establishment of a positive group dynamics for all those who attend and work there.

Rinascimente is a full-time school model that discovers, enhances and develops the multiple talents and multiple intelligences of the very young, in many equally important educational fields: mathematics and science, mother tongue and foreign languages, music and performing arts, non-verbal and design languages, digital and earth sciences, the history and interpretation of the territory, the world of craftsmanship and that of social enterprise, virtual and social networks, in both a local and international perspective.

Rinascimente wants to convey to the very young the taste of learning, unlearning and re-learning throughout their life, developing four “life skills” central to personal, professional and social success: creative thinking, critical thinking, the sense of collaboration and communication . Rinascimente wants to train competent, aware young people, full of curiosity and energy, healthy and happy, relying on the watchwords – mind, heart, hands – of the early 19th century educator Pestalozzi and also reported in our logo.

Rinascimente is the school for all talents and expressive languages. It is inspired by the Renaissance – when art and science, beauty and utility, theory and experience, were intimately linked – and by the best “active” pedagogy of the early 19th and 20th century (Pestalozzi, Montessori, Steiner, Dewey, Vygotsky), but it is also immersed in the present and looks to the future of networks and digital technologies.

Rinascimente and the School

of all Talents of Curiosity and Courage
of All and for All  of Diversity and Community
of Integrated Knowledge and the  Arts of Experimentation and Active Learning
of Individuality and of  Groups of Attention and Respect
of Verbal and Non-Verbal Languages of Communication and Events
Of Education and Physical Expression of Nature and Health
of the value of Time   of Responsibility
of a Committed and full of Meaning Life  of Performance
of Excellence and Happiness Frugality and Manual Skills
of Economic and Social Enterprise of Project Management.

The teachers and managers who adhere to the Rinascimente model are passionate and prepared educators, with a taste for educational innovation and experimentation, constantly open to the stimuli, challenges and opportunities of contemporary society. They are capable of transmitting with their personality, passion and their daily example those values ​​of ethics, inclusion, discovery and enhancement of talents, freedom of thought, enthusiasm and concreteness that make the educator of the very young the most beautiful profession and – let’s face it – the most important in the world. Rinascimente Head Masters, Faculty and students will be happy to “get involved” and improve each other, and to build strong and constructive relationships with the students’ families. Starting from these assumptions, the teacher’s work structurally links the past, present and future of our society.