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Our story

began once upon a long time ago

On that distant October 11th 1885

In Albonese, a small Pavian town of Lomellina, no one could have guessed that a newborn child, later on baptized  Enrica Amiotti, would work for more than forty-seven years as a school teacher. That same teacher eighty-five years later, inspired her brother Luigi Amiotti to honor her memory by establishing a Foundation devoted to the planning and active dialogue for innovation in Italian schools.


In the last decade, the Enrica Amiotti Foundation has increased its commitment and ability to influence the quality of Italian state Schools, beseeching and inspiring educational innovation "from bottom up", through the evolution of the nature of its calls for applications and activities in favor of teachers, rewarding primarily:

  • From 1970 to 2006: individual teachers with “career” awards, on the recommendation of the local Education Authorities;
  • From 2007 to 2010: individual teachers or small teams of teachers for documented and already implemented projects, with particular reference to intercultural topics fostering the inclusion of foreign children, while not compromising the rising level of educational standards for all pupils, in collaboration with  Fondazione Ismu.
  • From 2011 to 2015: small Teachers’ teams for educational projects inspired and followed by the Foundation itself during their implementation stage, on three thematic areas:
    1. Gender equality in multicultural environments  (Progetto IBIDeM), in collaboration with Fondazione Ismu
    2. Digital didactics applied to mathematics, science and foreign languages (“Concorso di idee per la Didattica Digitale”), integrating tools, contents and digital networks, theatrical as well as other expression forms, didactic robotics, twinning, etc.
    3. Project management, for small teams of teachers managing and implementing designed projects with children and teenagers as protagonists of their classrooms (Call “Dal sogno al Progetto”) in collaboration with territorial entities (Call “Dal Sogno al Progetto per la mia Città”), or with  Project Management Institute (PMI), using the PMI “Progetti in erba” – Walter Ginevri ‘s methodology.

Since 2012 it has also developed documentation and training initiatives for teachers:


Il Dossier Digitale IBIDeM (I as Child, I as Woman&Teacher) collects experiences on gender equality  opportuntities from 10 schools throughout Italy, and was created in collaboration with the Ismu Foundation.

PADDI – Patente per la Didattica Digitale, online course on technologies, networks and digital content for the elementary and middle schools, puts the emphasis on ‘free knowledge’ (open source), in collaboration with AICA and the ‘Adriano Olivetti’ Academy for HW and free SW.

The digital dossier from the project “Didattica del Fare – Fare per Includere” collects and systematizes the observations made on 8 laboratory teaching methods in 4 schools of Milan (2), Perugia and Naples Scampia, to which the dossier relating to 2015’s activities in another 6 schools is about to be added (from the provinces of Verbania, Genoa , Livorno, Perugia (2) and Matera): the methods – almost all documented on Rinascimente TV – range from circus to educational garden, from children philosophy to theater in English, from alternative approaches to the study of history through, for example, the construction and decoration of “Egyptian tombs” in the school basement, to mathematics out of the classroom , or the use of the territory for active teaching, as in the case of the “Art’in spiaggia” and “un Banco all’Opera” projects.

From 2016 to 2020: new courses recognized by the MIUR, previously carried out in collaboration with the  Associazione Educatori Rinascimente and Associazione Scuola Oltre.

A more exhaustive presentation (in Italian only) of the history and activities of the Enrica Amiotti Foundation, from 1970 to nowadays, can be downloaded clicking on the link below.