Mission and social impact

The Foundation

The Enrica Amiotti Foundation was born from the desire to improve the Italian public education with the aim of guaranteeing students an education for life

Dedicated to Enrica Amiotti (1885-1961), the Foundation identifies, rewards and disseminates educational excellence in public schools throughout the territory, influencing its quality, educating and financially supporting teachers and initiatives that encourage and inspire educational innovation.

Because of this, it is necessary for each Faculty to be the driving engine of didactic innovation in Schools and innovation must be systemized and spread “from below“.

However, to achieve this goal it is essential that teachers consider each child and young adult as a person, and it is vital that they share with their students the same desire and the same pleasure of being together, of ‘learning by doing’, of developing all the expressive languages, verbal and non-verbal, to communicate and exercise creative, critical and divergent thinking throughout their life.

Over the course of its history, the Amiotti Foundation has awarded prizes to approximately 150 excellent teachers for a total of approximately 300.000 euros and - since 2014 - has invested another 150.000 euros in the educational projects “Didattica del Fare – Fare per Includere” and “Rinascimente”, un nuovo modello di scuola per il 21° secolo and in “Rinascimente TV”.


Focused exclusively on the Elementary School until 2013, today its interest also includes Kindergarden and the 1st grade of the elementary school, both at the level of individual schools and at local, national and international levels, through initiatives of ‘educators’ good will’ with the support and encouragement of school managers and institutions.

By leveraging the economic resources originating from the legacy of its Founder Luigi Amiotti in 1970, the Enrica Amiotti Foundation through its calls and numerous educational and training initiatives in favor of teachers, has promoted the new educational model Rinascimente,which starts from the values ​​expressed in the Manifesto for a school for all and for all talents and expressive languages. It draws and gives educational and planning resources from / to the territory, combining – as in the Italian Renaissance – arts with sciences, beauty with social usefulness.

Until 2006, awards were granted for ‘lifetime career’, then they were granted to  documented and already implemented educational projects and, later – starting from 2012 – projects inspired and directly supported and documented by the Foundation itself in the field of interculture, equal gender opportunities, digital teaching, project management for children and a very wide range of laboratory teaching methods, active and inclusive (from circus to didactic robotics, from music to mathematics out of the classroom, from project management to philosophy for children, from theater and science in a foreign language to educational gardens) , with particular regard to Special Educational Needs (BES) and the themes of inclusion as well as ‘feeling good in the classroom’.