Focus 2016-2021

Education towards Beauty, Wellbeing, Commitment and Sharing

Our 2016-2021 quinquennial  plan has had four areas of focus:

  1. Education towards Beauty, with the call (2016-17)Music and art, mathematics and science for an education towards beauty” to reward educational projects that integrate artistic and scientific disciplines, according to the ideals of ancient Greece and the Renaissance. In 2018 two of the winning Institutes, in Abruzzo and Brianza, were later on transformed into Rinascimente Educating Communities.
  2. Education for Wellbeing at school, for all teachers and learners, promoting courses and initiatives that develop self-awareness to generate empathy, self-esteem, natural lifestyles and 360 ° health: since 2020 collaborations with institutions and networks of “wellness” schools have been activated in France and India which will bring new educational content.
  3. Education for Civil Engagement (Active Citizenship) was centered on our didactic game project JUN€CO launched at the end of 2016 in Primary schools for the teaching of ethical and sustainable economy and ecology, which involved over 300 classes throughout Italy and integrated the experiences of the 2013-’14 calls “Dal sogno al progetto”  -from dream to project- (project management methodology for children of the PMI-EF) and leveraged on the Service Learning methodology, to “learn by doing good” for one’s own collectivity.
  4. Education for Sharing (networking schools, projects, skills) started from the Rinascimente Manifesto of 2014, from the publication of the “Didactics of Doing – Doing to Include” notebooks, from the videos of Rinascimente TV and from the courses for teachers, as an accredited agency by the Ministry of Education MIUR, to lead to the birthing of the Rinascimente Educating Communities in 2018 and from 2019 of the ABC Educating Communities – Art Wellness Citizenship which recall the first three areas of focus.