Enrica Amiotti Foundation

1970-2016 Activities and 2017-2020 Plans

for the Italian Public Schools



  • Founded in 1970 in memory of Enrica Amiotti (1885-1961), a primary school teacher for 47 years in rural Northern Italy.
  • Mission: to identify, reward and spread excellent teaching in the Italian public school (pupils aged 3 to 14)
  • Independent non-profit body. Assets still based upon the original bequest of the Founder Luigi Amiotti. 7 member Board appointed by the Italian Ministry of Education, Istituto Lombardo, Fondazione Cariplo, Fondazione G. Agnelli, Bocconi University, AICA (Italian ICT professional Association) and the Amiotti family.
  • 100+ awards given to teachers for over € 250.000 (inflation–adjusted) + € 150.000 for the Rinascimente initiative
  • Over the years, moving from giving grants to teachers based on career achievements and educational projects, towards inspiring and financing new educational initiatives (areas: active and inclusive teaching, project-based learning, digital education, music and performing arts, ethical economics and entrepreneurship for kids) and new educational models (Rinascimente, the school of all talents).




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Rinascimente is the 21° Century educational model (from pre-school to grade 10) which develops, integrates and spread the teaching experience of many excellent educators of the Italian (and international) public school, based on a comprehensive and coherent set of values (see right).





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The Web TV of teachers for the teachers (www.rinascimente.tv)


  • Primary and Middle School (grades 1-8)
  • “Active teaching”, participative, inclusive, with lab /group outputs
  • Cross-disciplines (group dynamics, project management, digital education, inter-cultural education, peer-to-peer, flipped classroom, …)
  • Subjects where Italy suffers international gaps (math, science, English, …)
  • Transferrable, low-cost didactic.




Program grid, thematic areas and formats:

  • 7’-10’ video-interviews, grouped by themes and mini-series
  • For each video: emphasis on visible outputs (activity with kids) but also on “back-stage”(original educational objectives, planning, results, new developments sought, ..)
  • 10 themed areas with videos and digital text/photo documentation
  • Further developments: school networks, project crowdfunding






JUNECO is a new educational program to introduce children – and to some extent their teachers and parents – to the fascinating and largely unknown world of the economy, taking a fun, concrete, hands-on educational approach with a strong ethical content. Thanks to JUNECO, by playing together, children can understand “what lies behind” our economic actions, and every product we use: from composition books to pizzas, from pens to smartphones, before moving on to invent and plan new “useful dreams” to be created together, new strategies with a positive social impact, to better harness our individual and collective resources.


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