As Professor Nuccio Ordine once said, “We all know that the ‘good school’ is created only and solely by good teachers“, and we also know how a good teacher can change the lives of his students.

So if you believe in school as a source of well-being for our children and our young people, explore the possibility of giving them a better future by helping us to create a better education environment.

Learn more about the different ways in which you can be part of the exchange and find out what we do to train extraordinary teachers.


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Would you like to make a donation to the Fondazione Amiotti?


There are three ways to do this, choose the one of your liking:

  1. You can make a bank transfer to the IBAN di Fondazione Italia per il Dono Onlus:  IT62J0358901600010570449757 c/o Allianz Bank, indicating in the reason for the transfer “Donazione a favore della Fondazione Enrica Amiotti”, possibly adding the destination of your gift (eg: Educating Community , JUNECO project, Rinascimente project, future calls,…). You can send a copy of the bank transfer to [email protected], so that we can thank you and assist you in guaranteeing you the tax benefits you are entitle of by law: your gift allows a reduction in taxes due by individuals equal to 30% of the gift, or greater (from 38 to 43% of the marginal income rate) if your taxable income is greater than € 28,000 per year. If you donate by December 31st, you will have the tax benefits already from the next tax return! Tell your colleagues and friends too! Thanks on behalf of all of us!
  2. If you would like to help the Foundation achieve its objectives of promoting an active, innovative and inclusive teaching that knows how to find synergies with the territory in the logic of an educating community, you can send a contribution to the current account in the name of: “Fondazione Enrica Amiotti” , IntesaSanPaolo Private Banking – Milano IBAN: IT 93 T 032 3901 6006 7000 2971767
  3. A third  option would be to  make a donation with paypal:



Your contribution of ideas, recommendations of initiatives and events in the field of Elementary School, teaching and cultural integration, will be greatly appreciated: click here to write to us.