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The ABC Educating Communities identify in the Arts, well-Being and Citizenship the tools for promoting psycho-physical well-being, education for beauty and commitment, individual and social, for building an active community.
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Courses & resources for educators Learning to Become Click here Teaching is an art and a craft. Becoming a teacher in the whole sense of the word, requires a permanent training to meet the student’s needs and talents. This is why the Foundation offers teachers' courses, in collaboration with Indire and Scuola Oltre that enhance active, inclusive and hands-on teaching. Learning
by doing good
Values and community projects Service Learning is an educational method designed to achieve change. It is an invitation to combine learning and community service, giving the student the opportunity to recognize their own skills by projecting, developing and assessing the results of their endeavors.
Slide LEARN TO BECOME Talents for life Active teaching offers inclusive and personalized teaching by overcoming any barrier and methodological rigidity by a dialogic / relational approach to identify the needs of pupils and the implementation of functional responses to their needs.

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The Enrica Amiotti Foundation was born from the desire to improve Italian public education with the aim of guaranteeing students an education for life.

To achieve this purpose it is necessary that all faculty becomes the real engine of didactic innovation in the School and that, however, innovation must be systematized and spread “from below“.

Over the course of our history, we have awarded prizes to almost 150 excellent teachers for an estimated  total of € 300,000 and – since 2014 – we have invested another € 150,000 in educational projects.

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These are some of our donors


$ 50.000


PMI Educational Foundation di Philadelphia (USA) spreads the culture of project management all over the world outside the community of specialists of the Project Management Institute, particularly in schools.

The Fondazione Amiotti has integrated the PMI “project management for children” methodology into JUN€CO, which has already been used since 2013 in its calls “From dream to project”. The donation of the PMI-EF accelerated the diffusion of JUN€CO in 250 Primary classrooms throughout Italy and financed its English version.

€ 50.000


The foundation CRT (Cassa di Risparmio di Torino) is a foundation of banking origin, active in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, with strong interests and skills in educational innovation projects.

The foundation CRT recognized in the JUN€CO project (ethical economics, ecology and active citizenship) the basis for the launch of 4 (later 6) Educating Communities (Comunità Educanti) in Piedmont, built around Comprehensive Institutes, associations, local authorities and business.

Gianpiero Sironi

€ 5.000


He was President of the Fondazione Amiotti from 2012 to 2017 and Director until the beginning of 2020. Professor of genetics and then Vice-Rector of Research at the State University of Milan (2004-’09), after having trained at the Karolinska Inst. of Stockholm and California University at Berkeley. President of the Ass. Italiana di Genetica (1990-’91) and of the Lombard Institute (2012-’14), he is now IFOM Vice-President.

Donation in favor of the development of the Comunità Educanti, launched at the end of 2018 and which will engage the Amiotti Foundation at least until 2025

$ 5.000


Founder and CEO of Amarenco Group, a global manufacturer of photovoltaic systems, and President of the Heartfulness Institute France, after having been General Manager of Samsung C&T Corp .. Engineer by training, Alain holds an MBA from INSEAD in 2007 and proposes the Evolution of Awareness as the 18th SDG for the Agenda 2030

Donation to the international publishing initiatives of the Fondazione Amiotti, and in particular for the translation and launch of the Connect – Exploring the Inner Game program in Italy.

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Rinascimente TV

Rinascimente TV is the web TV promoted by Fondazione Enrica Amiotti, aimed at all those who are part of the scholastic world, in particular faculty, school managers, experts, institutions and parents who are convinced that a better school is possible and already exists on the initiative of many excellent teachers throughout Italy.